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Website costs are not that overwhelming at all...




Overhead is less, but does exist.

As you will find, there can be many costs involved in getting your web-site started.  Thankfully, you'll be surprised to know that many of them are relatively small.  When you take a good look and add it all up, the cost of this project is so much less than you spend in typical advertising right now, and it will generate some immediate savings of scale, not to mention increased activity, recognition & revenue.  We hope this can help you with some of the math.

Registration of your URL (www) costs.Internic™ Registration Fee - This fee is currently about $35 per year.  This keeps you in possession of your dotcom name or your URL (  Extremely cheap for starting a company online and establishing your "all important" domain name.

The cost of building your website.Web-site Creation - These fees can be found from $50 to over $200 per hour depending on your needs and requirements.  Some companies will charge you by the page, just compare the entire project costs.  Have them commit to a specific number of pages and content and quote you based on the project.  HMI bills at under $100 per hour for most tasks.  Inquire about having the professionals at Hyperformance Media quote your project.

Secure transactions and secure hosting costs.E-Commerce, Secure Transactions - This can require another software purchase of a few hundred dollars and increase your costs by $29 to $129 per month or more.  HMI will weigh the options with you to help you decide if this is necessary in accomplishing your goals.  There are a few less expensive ways to do e-commerce we can share with you.

Costs to get online yourself, not your website.Internet Access Account - This account gives you personal access to the Internet for surfing, shopping, researching, etc.  Generally found for $20-25 per month, sometimes cheaper if paid by the year. 

Costs associated with Hosting your website.Hosting Fees - This is your monthly payment for keeping your site 'live' on the Internet.  This can vary greatly depending on your needs, but pricing has continued to drop.  Average web-sites can cost between $19 to $450 per month.  This is an on-going expense, even if you never change your web-site - also cheaper if paid by the year.  This is paying for the drive space and traffic on your ISP's server.  They keep you live 365 days a year.  There are ways to keep these charges to a nice monthly minimum.

Search engine registration and submissions costs.Search Engine Registration - We have seen different advertised levels of this critical step.  Pricing to register from 6 engines to over 2000.  You can expect to pay from $39 for limited submissions, to thousands of dollars for professional placement.  Some major players like Yahoo! and many others are now charging you yearly ($39 to $299) to be submitted and reviewed for inclusion.  We can help you here too.  We do manual hand submissions, human Meta-tag programming, and site ranking performance tests, which all include follow-through and reporting.

This guarantees our registrations and submissions.  We check your web-site search ranking against your competitors, and allow for corrections to your web-site for improved ranking.  Just because you're in the search engines (by company name) does not mean you're being found.  Allow us to explain.

Website marketing costs.Web-site Marketing - This is a service every business should have budgeted right from the start.  We believe your corporate website should be treated like it's own business.  That attitude should apply to all aspects of your web presence.  It doesn't matter if you're a store, an auction house, or entertainment site.  Once created and running, these type of sites require additional marketing and relationships built to increase traffic and revenues constantly.  Check with Hyperformance Media to fill the gaps you don't have covered.  Programs can be simple or complex, easy or cheap, but what we desire is results.  Each web project should have it's own ROI (Return on Investment) calculation, and any and all fees should be figured into that formula.

Website maintenance costs.Web-site Maintenance - This general contract usually covers a specified number of billable hours under that contract.  We can give you a 100% facelift every quarter if you prefer, but the maintenance contract will reflect that wish.  Our billing rate equals approximately $88 per hour included in the contract.  These contracts are paid in advance and therefore reflect substantial savings.  Maintenance Contract Clients are never charged an Urgency Fee.  On-call services from clients without a Maintenance Contract will be billed at our $86 per hour rate and could include an Urgency Fee where applicable.

Website fees for quick turn-aroundUrgency Fees - HMI charges a per instance fee of $100 for "Rush" work requiring a 48 hour turn around or faster.  This is the cost of taking time away from another client - which is usually the case in rush work.  

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