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Website Analysis - Frequently Asked Questions

Your website is a serious investment in your business, or it should be.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can a 3rd Party Website Analysis of your corporate website tell you?

A. For starters we can give you an independent view on your website's ease-of-use, and search engine friendliness. (Two of the weakest areas in most websites)

Q. Has your website met your goals and expectations?

A. Of course it has! It's your website, and your team has built what you believed would work to the best of their abilities!

Q. Does your corporate website (as is) give you a substantial return on your Internet investment?

A. YES it can!  And if it already is, then you have successfully incorporated a unique combination of technical, strategic, cross-marketing and branding solutions that are adding to your annual revenue stream while cutting costs associated with mass communications, including postage and long distance facsimile calls. If you're not receiving a return on your Internet investment, then we need to talk soon. We can assist you with regaining some market share in your online category and your  business growth.

Q. Does your corporate website meet real user needs?  Why don't we get more traffic?  Why do visitors leave without buying? Do customers come back? Is this the image we want to project of our company online?

A. Absolutely! Our site is the best of its kind. Degreed professionals built our website.

Q. We sell products on our website, how can you help us? Our sales figures?

A. Numerous programs can assist every business in an increase in targeted traffic, this results in  more qualified prospects arriving at your site (targeted traffic). To be successful, it is necessary to have a marketing plan that assists your business with the best proven (or unproven) methods for obtaining your audience.  If you have the visitors but not the sales, then we need to address your conversion rate.

Q. We have evaluated our site many times - It's great!  Why would we have Hyperformance Media do it?

A. We commend you for the constant review of your website, this is necessary in good website management!  However, are your people still inside your audience's head (mindshare)? Objective, 3rd party, expert website analysis can be an important tool in further potential for improvement. The environment of the web is changing all the time, users and their habits are changing even faster. A clear picture of your site's strengths and weaknesses is a major step in moving towards a profitable web model. Competitors remain only a click away, and if it's one thing we've learned, it's that we are an impatient people, - demanding even.

Q. Would you see a benefit to an experienced human professional reviewing your website, offering his/her educated suggestions and recommendations that (if followed) would dramatically increase the quality of, and quantity of traffic (business) to your website?

A. No. Absolutely not! We would not pay someone for sending us qualified business! How absurd.

Q. What if we don't want to take the advice and recommendations of Hyperformance Media?

A. That's your call, but even if you wish to do-it-yourself, our evaluation gives you a starting platform from which to launch your progressive initiatives. Our analysis is objective, and based on common principles of user interactivity, taste, and generally accepted practices. Good web design is a formidable task, good back-end development is also important, built-in marketing strength is essential, to have all three are the fundamentals of winning with your website (business) on the World Wide Web! Your corporate web presence is pinnacle to your companies' success, even looking ahead 5-10 years. Your website is not simply a billboard, it is a 365/24/7 open-for-business storefront that speaks volumes about your company at 12:30 a.m. in the morning. It should be one of your most outspoken salespeople.

Q. We are interested in offering our customers the most rewarding and memorable web experience in our field, how do we begin?

A.  By contacting Hyperformance Media and opening a discussion about your online goals.

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