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The many benefits of partnering with Hyperformance Media.

Your business can benefit any number of ways marketing online (depending on the practices used).
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If I may, I would like to begin by defining a few key terms that will help you relate to the different programs and marketing tactics available to your company when seeking an online marketing partner.  Some offer good benefits in the short term, some offer immediate benefits that last as long as your money does, and some look at the long term effects of many of the practices it takes to insure continued success, long after they have finished their work.

There are many avenues your business can take when you have decided to improve the marketing of your online presence.  Many of them successful on their own, but many of them are also limited in their scope of accomplishment for long term results.  As you have learned, Hyperformance Media is a Website Marketing (Consulting) Firm.  At Hyperformance Media, we attempt to encompass every avenue available to your business in accomplishing excellent results and exceeding your online goals.  We hope this can help debunk some of what you may have read or heard.
SEO - Search Engine Optimization SEO is the practice of optimizing your website pages for the benefit of better organic results in the search engines when your keywords or phrases are being searched for online (SERPs).  This should be maintained or updated whenever changes are made to your page content or pages are added to your website.  When done properly, the effects can be long term.  If this practice is offered "without touching your website", it is not true SEO for your business, the benefits end when your relationship or your payments stop.
SEM - Search Engine Marketing Very similar to the SEO practice explained above.

Search Engine Results Pages

Search Engine Ranking Pages
This defines the results pages that any search engine or directory delivers when you type in a keyword to search on.  This is where you Rank (page & position) on a particular term or phrase in a specific search engine.  Generally referred to when using organic (non-paid) results.
PPC Advertising - Pay Per Click This defines when you pay for specific keywords or phrases and your results appear at the top of the search page under "Sponsored Results"  You pay whenever someone "clicks" on your ad.  This is also how certain firms can guarantee your website top placement in the engines and directories.  Naturally, your website stops appearing on top when you stop paying.  It involves no improvement to your website itself (for organic or natural search results).  Immediate results for as long as your budget lasts.  Selecting the proper keywords and phrases is critical here.
Buying Traffic This involves the practice of purchasing traffic to visit your website.  Some allow you to purchase general or targeted traffic as well as what Country the traffic comes from.  We have yet to discover any traffic purchase programs that deliver any ROI.  Yes, they make your counter go up, but relatively little else.  Save your money.  Visits from 1-8 seconds per visitor are common.
Buying Links Currently a popular practice because Google and others place some weight on who links to you (and vice versa).  These techniques only pay off for as long as you care to pay for them (every month).  Not a great return on your website investment.  There are better ways to accomplish link partnerships for long term results.  Your website content is one of them.
Guaranteed Top 3 Positions

Guaranteed Top 3 Placement
This is a guarantee that some companies give when they know they will use PPC (see above) to accomplish this statistic.  You can do this yourself by buying keywords or phrases in Google or Overture.  They normally do not tell you that this is how the results are achieved unless you ask them or after they have you on contract.

Meat and Potatoes... Real Benefits - Longer Term
Now let's take a look at some of the many benefits your online business can achieve when working with the professionals at Hyperformance Media.

Targeted Visitors
Long Term
Winning Strategies
Page and Title
Realistic Results
Effective Web
More Efficient
Return on Investment
Keyword Phrases
Top Research Expert Mix No Secrets Ethical Techniques
Control of your
Destiny Online
Performance Based
Marketing Strategies
Organic Results
Website Promotion
Better Partners Competitive Analysis Project Planning Rank Reporting
Content and Description
Website Analysis
Increased and
Improved Visibility
Higher Conversion
(Sales) Ratio

What do you need to get started?

The desire to Win - in business and online, a telephone, an ethical marketing partner, and a little patience.  Some results are immediate, but owning your category online is a long term goal, just like your business.  We will help you with every detail.  Own your category online, starting now.

Are you ready to start winning online?

Contact me personally, the phone call is virtually free.  Every client we undertake is a personal challenge for us to win.  It is a race, but the winner is NOT the first one online, it is the one who is dedicated to not only surviving, but to gaining market share and dominance in their arena. 

Can you afford not to win (any longer)?

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