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"Doing good, ethical business pays for itself over and over."

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Ethics in Business - It pays to have some.Ethical Business - Why wouldn't you?




Ethics - in a profession or trade - is that branch of philosophy which studies the principles of right and wrong in human conduct.

Is your business ethical?  What I mean is "Does your business do the right thing when faced with that decision?"  It's a simple question, which many businesses struggle with.  I just don't understand the struggling part?

I have worked for companies that believed they were ethical, and really have no clue.  Meaning the decisions they make everyday towards their customers and employees does not advocate ethical behavior. 

So, what is it?  When someone in business gives you their word and then reneges, that is unethical.  Your word is your promise.  Even if it is your business making the statement. 

Doing good business and being a good employer is more than your product or policies, it is the guidelines in which you do your business.  I am continually disappointed in how many unethical businesses exist today.  I have worked for some of them, and they just don't get it... they 'talk tough' but when the decisions are finally made, I can't fathom what motivated them come to that decision?  It was not necessarily 'doing the right thing'.


Yes, I know profits are pinnacle to most, but that IS NOT the bottom line!  The bottom line is how your customer, partner, client or prospect walked away from their experience.  What's so hard to get?  It also helps you feel good about yourself and your business, which helps us sleep (live) better too!

Treat them the way you want to be treated... I mean it!  Don't say something you have no intention of backing up with your actions.  Keep your word in business, in compensation promises, in client promises, in every day business.  This is pinnacle!

I don't want to ramble here, but some businesses need a wake-up-call (yesterday).  What puzzles me is why?  When you do good business, you get more good business.  I'm not just talking about the Enron's or Arthur Anderson's of the World, I'm talking about every type of business out there, in almost every industry.

If each one of us refused to do business with these unethical companies - we would have a lot fewer of them.  Be one of the ethical ones.  Do good business, keep your word, don't venture into gray areas, and do the right thing!  Sure, it will occasionally cost you something, but it will pay you back, and it won't cost you your dignity or pride or any true profits.  Isn't your business worth it?  Or how about your personal reputation? Do you care?

Try this: The next few times you're faced with 'doing the right thing'?
Well, when you do it - do it with extreme pleasure!*

*This will pay you and your business back ten-fold.  Why?  Because that person (customer, employee, client, etc.) is going to tell at least 3-20 other people (potential customers who also like to be treated well).  Remember, you did it with extreme pleasure, they're not just going to say they received a refund, or a promotion, - they're going to be jumping up and down at how well their situation was handled!  - Make someone else's day! - you'll be surprised at how well your day goes.  This is one definition of viral marketing, and it works!


I look forward to running into more good, ethical businesses out there - hopefully yours. 

Remember - Doing good business rewards your business with more of it... we're all here seeking to do business with reputable firms and real people, let's do just that.

The upside?  If your business does good ethical business - Then you are already ahead of a good chunk of your competitors!  There's opportunity here.  Keep up the good work, partner with other 'like types' and only do your personal business with other more ethical companies, like yours.  We could see a decrease in our unethical competition very soon.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my thoughts and encourage the type of business that helped this Country, it's people, and ethical businesses - Grow.

Written by and Copyright Scott Sedwick

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