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the necessary website marketing skills to make it work!"

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Professional website marketing consultants in Chicago, Illinois

Consulting with you about your website marketing plans.




Just the facts...

Hyperformance Media has assisted numerous clients in a number of consulting roles, and in varied capacities.  Our professional website marketing services offers your business insights and proven programs that help launch your products and services using the Internet - and making it work!  We can show positive ROI for each of our clients year after year.  Look around our website, I'm sure you'll find something you can tweak, or adapt to help you market your product or service.  But if you require someone to come in and 'take control' of your website marketing initiatives, - we will succeed.  You can too!

Our insightful Website Analysis lays out an excellent starting point for most businesses that already have a web investment.  This analysis opens initial communications and the discovery process which determines any recommended steps and services in moving forward towards accomplishing your goals.

We have been involved in successful website marketing programs (and some not-so-successful) since 1996.  In those years we have learned a great deal about what works and what doesn't work online.  This is one of the biggest benefits you receive when you partner with Hyperformance Media.   We have also done custom CD-ROM development and production, retail package design, mass merchant penetration, and custom programming applications.  We have the professionals needed to support your marketing efforts both online and off.  If we need to, we'll help you create an effective marketing plan within your budget dollars.

We are available for consultation on successful website marketing strategies, seo (search engine optimization) - or website optimization as we call it, business branding, e-commerce marketing and conversions, Internet sales promotions and marketing initiatives.  Sales sites, information sites, entertainment sites, and sites developed to sell your services or products.  Copyrighting, graphics, audio, logos, web marketing campaigns, statistical analysis, and even custom applications.  These include both online and offline marketing efforts intended to impact your company's market share online.  We incorporate your traditional publishing efforts in getting a better return for your offline marketing expenses.  High impact catalogs & posters to brochures & newsletters that are designed for results.

Our extensive experience, success and list of industry relationships and resource professionals allow us to address multiple project types with the focused attention needed to exceed your program expectations.

Do you like positive results?  Were you able to find this website site o.k.?  Did you bookmark us yet?  Now is the time for your growth online, you've made the investment, now make it pay off.

Conference/Seminar Speaking; Hyperformance Media is available for your conference or seminar.  We really enjoy this format and look forward to every opportunity we get to assist  businesses with their success online.  Specific topics and costs can be discussed upon your inquiry.

At Hyperformance Media, we don't do Homepages, or Web-pages... we offer custom Website Marketing Concepts designed for performance and action with the distinct goals of market share dominance in your category online.  Our greatest success comes from small to medium businesses, as they have the greatest potential for huge gains!  Learn about the many benefits to working with a professional, ethical marketing partner.

With a focus on your goals, and corporate branding, we incorporate every marketing tactic to insure our success and to overwhelm your competition, impress your customer, and increase the sales activity of your business.  There is all kinds of market share out here.  Can you say Growth?

Let us help you exceed your growth plans!

Maybe you know what you're doing and where you're going...
maybe you even know how you're going to get there! That's great!

We'd like to help everyone else who doesn't know where to go now?  They have built their website and require some expert assistance on how to move forward within this medium. A great website with no "real" traffic, or qualified visitors, does not find sales, or an increase in partnerships, or an online market awareness about their company.  We're here to change all that - now it's your turn to make a valuable decision or a costly mistake.  Can you take another year of standing by and wondering why?

Finding a solid marketing partner who you can trust, and using every resource you have available to you, can drastically improve your revenue position and market share in your Industry online.

You can reach me directly by email at

We'll help you if we can.


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