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you can also check out your competition this way too."

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You can't improve your rankings if you don't know what they are...

Ranking well in the Search Engines is a KEY component to success.



This DOES matter.  It is difficult, at best, to improve your Search Engine Rankings if you don't know where you stand to begin with.

These Ranking Reports will show you where (in the search engines) that your company ranks under specific keywords or keyword phrases.  Hyperformance Media will take your main URL plus 3 additional keyword phrases and check your position in 12 of the top search engines. 

Example:  Under 'Hyperformance Media' does my company show up in these 12 search engines and where? (page 40 or 400?).  Under 'hand submissions' or 'unique selling propositions' or 'website marketing Illinois'- where am I listed with these 12 engines?  Is my company on the first 3 pages?  The first page?  We take your 3 keyword phrases and see where you or your competitor stands!  Espionage? No.  Competitive Information? Yes.

This gives you an 'absolute' idea of exactly where you stand on the major engines that could be bringing you qualified traffic.  48% of searchers never get to the second page... where do you show up?  Do you know?

We don't mean under your company name either - if prospects don't already know you, then they are NOT searching by your company name.  By company name - you should almost be first in all the Search Engines and Directories!  This can also be used as a benchmark for improvement, before you make necessary changes to your site or meta-tags and content - to gauge your success. 

Find out where you stand relative to your direct online competition!  That information alone is worth the $49.00!  More importantly, is my company in the top 100? 300? or maybe the top 30?  We can help put you there (top 30)! 

We will not accomplish that by buying a keyword phrase, that only lasts as long as your money does.  You want to be found well under organic results - or naturally, based on your great content and good search engine optimization practices.  Ranking yourself and your competition on a quarterly basis not only shows where you stand, but can give you clues as to what your competitors are up to online.

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