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research & selection, this is serious website marketing"

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Custom meta tags for excellent ranking results.The winner of this Internet race is not the first one there.



Meta tags when developed properly, are one of the most critical steps in marketing your business to the right audience.  Our professionally created and configured meta-tags and your improved placement is well worth this investment, and we can prove it!

Hyperformance Media will research, create, and publish your Titles and meta-tags for your website pages.  Due to the amount of time we spend on this, it is billed by the page. 

We take your company (dotcom) name and three (3) "keyword phrases" those that generate most of the searches for your product or service.  We research your competitors to learn who "owns" that category and how they 'rank'. 

Then we develop your Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords (plus a few others) based upon our acquired knowledge.  We do this to be topic and page specific.  We may also make other suggestions that would improve your individual rankings.

These meta-tags are then inserted into your web page code and uploaded to the server (your host).  We highly recommend that you resubmit your website to the major search engines anytime you have done met-tag editing or additions (except for Google). 

Ranking reports are recommended both before and after meta-tag changes.  This allows us to see the improvements in the search engines under our keywords.

Are you getting business leads from your website? - And you say you already have meta-tags?  Then let me say, they can use some help!  Allow us to get started tomorrow!

Do not ignore the need for quality Titles and meta-tags!

Just putting common words in your meta-tags is NOT the answer!

Can we get started?


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