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Dale Junior carries on the winning tradition!Never standing still...The awesome, historical  #3
"Looking back, knowing you gave it your all,
win or lose, you finish a Champion" 
-Dale Earnhardt Sr.

National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing

The Intimidator #3 - My Tribute to Dale Earnhardt Senior

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Dale Earnhardt
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Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Dale Earnhardt Jr. | Winners

Father and Son - As it should be.




"The Intimidator"

(Hi Dale... your son Dale Jr. is doing great!)

I have been a fan of Dale
Earnhardt Sr. since I was about 16 years old (Yep, 26 years ago now).  I have always loved cars and racing, Stock Car racing in particular - GM cars to be really specific, and V8 American made horsepower. 

A charmer right from the start - Is this intense or what? Still has the same 'smerck' as the child shown above. His own Rising Star!  Go Jr. Go!

Building this page was a pleasure, and the least I could do in helping to preserve the memory of whom I believe was the Greatest Stock Car Driver to ever compete in the NASCAR™ series. 

I had a lot of smiles, good times, and memories through those years, and I love remembering them.A common sight - Dale taking the checkered flag!

I have created links here to Dale Earnhardt Incorporated,™ (of which we several Fantasy Race Leagues!), and Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet (his dealership) where you can purchase Limited Edition automobiles.  I am a family fan and now cheer for Dale Jr. - He has a website too.

In October 2001, I drove down to DEI.  Yes I did.  I wanted to handle their website business, and I didn't want to mail my resume.  So I left Chicago and started driving... Mooresville, North Carolina - this was a small dream come true for me.

Unfortunately, as hard as I tried - I could not get in front of the Board.  Oh they knew I wanted to, but it's a corporation like any other.  My only problem with the entire trip was not getting a response from the Company.  I visited three times with my resume, and I called everyday and left voice-mail for Teresa's right hand girl and never heard a word.  That was my biggest disappointment.  If there was someone this enthusiastic and knowledgeable at my door, I couldn't open it quick enough!  It does not take away from what I feel and have felt for Dale and his road to success - He did so much for so many, and I hope his Son and his company will continue in that tradition. 

Thanks for letting me share.

DEI - Mooresville, NC. Dale Earnhardt Incorporated - Main Entrance

Walking in the main entrance to DEI, Inc.

Oh, by the way... I had a GREAT time in Mooresville N.C. - the people are very friendly, and the racing sites (garages, sponsors, engine shops, etc.) are a real thrill.  I did stop by Charlotte while I was there to see the Winston Cup race - it doesn't get any better for a true fan!  I never did get to meet Dale in person, but did see him race live a few times, something I will never forget.

We miss you Dale Earnhardt, and I know you can see what the sport and your son continue to accomplish.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Hometown: Kannapolis, NC
Birth date: April 29th 1951
Years Raced 26
Starts 675
Wins 76
Pole Positions 22
Deceased February 18. 2001


  National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing  Fantasy League Competition - Join Us!

We at Hyperformance Media take our Nascar racing very seriously, and as you can tell we are major Dale Earnhardt Junior Fans (DEI). 

Every year we open up our leagues to other interested parties who would like to compete with us through-out the year.  This year is no exception.  You have to register by February 14th.  Email us here if you want to be informed when the season begins.

National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing ROCKS!

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