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Website Marketing - No website succeeds let alone grows, without it.

This information can help get you started...



When it comes to website marketing and Internet promotions, you can start right here...

Every website, whether new, old, or just a thought needs to consider the marketing that will be put that website in front of it's targeted audience.  Sounds easy huh?  It just takes time, perseverance, and the will to succeed! 

The hardest part is sorting through all the crap that's available to help you.  Yes, I said crap.

There are a mountain of businesses out there making incredible claims about FREE traffic generation, FREE hits, Mega sales, - or worse, for a small fee of $29.95 we can... blah, blah, blah.

Save your money!
I have spent enough for all of us.

Following through with our suggestions can offer you the most lucrative, ethical, and professional ways to achieve substantial results and still sleep at night.  No, you don't have to go for your wallet, I will tell you about these programs in this article (for no charge).  A good education will assist you the most.

If you already have a site, I recommend we start with a Website Analysis.

Before You Build

#1 Have a plan - Not just a good idea.  Take your idea and formulate a complete plan around your goals.  Highlight any USP's you may have.

#2 Build Meta-tags into every category page!  This is crucial to targeted traffic success with the Directories and Search Engines. You need to be found, not by your company name (only) but by "keywords" that the general public would use to find your type of business or service.  DO NOT just pick any words, this is critical!

#3 Use those keyword phrases throughout your site or particular page.  Reinforce what topic you are addressing within that page (content).

#4 Publish an article or newsletter that shows you are an authority on the topics you cover (or try to sell).  Just a spiffy sales letter is not enough.  This is also critical in acquiring the email addresses of prospective customers.

#5 Create some banner ads with impact for future partnership advertising.  You will use these on your site as well as banner partners you can swap impressions with.

#6 Begin considering what types of businesses or partners would or could compliment your offerings.  Start a list.

#7 Important:  Create a budget for marketing your website.  Yes, there are many things that you can implement for free, however, successful websites HAVE spent money wisely to get them to where they are.  Don't be fooled, you WILL spend money on marketing your website - it could be potentially more than what your website costs you to build.  The verse goes like this... "Build it and they won't come".  You may have already learned this, and that is why you're here.

Written by and Copyright © Scott Sedwick

Hyperformance Media offers a number of their Copyright© articles for re-publication.  You can reproduce these on your website, or in your Newsletter or Ezine provided that the above link and copyright remains intact.


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