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Website Analysis - We can't improve without knowing where we stand first.

An evaluation of any areas in need of improvement.




Why would you ?

That's a fair question.  You paid degreed professionals, designers, graphic artists and programmers to build and implement your corporate website.  It's great!  It's fabulous!  You trust them.

This evaluation is not intended to challenge anyone's position, web authority, or even how great your site is.  On the contrary, it's a simple question of could it be better?  The results of our Website Analysis should be used as an additional tool or benchmark in your ongoing efforts towards maximizing your website potential.  Besides, there are a great many excellent websites out there, the trouble is finding them.  This is where our analysis shines.

Are you using this medium to increase or reinforce awareness of your products (branding)?  Your company?  Are you trying to sell something?  What image are you leaving visitors with?  Did they find what they came for?  Were you easy to communicate with?  Navigate?  Who's visiting? - The answers to these questions are extremely important in succeeding online, and there are many more. 

A 3rd party, objective, expert website analysis (taken by a human) that gives you a clearer picture of your site's strengths and weaknesses (if any) is a major step in achieving a profitable web model on which to grow your business and profits.  This is, what we all want, to grow our business - cost effectively!  That's the bottom line - am I right?

We want to make your phone ring more, we want to sell more stuff while we sleep, we want more people to know about us and our products and our stock symbol, we want to be heard, - we all have a goal here - right?  Your website was not built just to post your phone number right?  Please don't answer that.

Let Hyperformance Media advise you of what we experience and find to help you move forward amongst your competitors.  This is one of your better web investments, you gain a great deal of insight and information that you can put to work for your business immediately.  Exactly how much you benefit from the results is really up to you.

O.K., exactly what do I get for my money?

Well, first you will be interviewed.  It's quite painless and short - but it is necessary.  This is the reason for your phone number.  This phone-meeting will assist us in our evaluation by understanding your specific goals, gaining any additional statistical data, and learning about some of the resources available to you in obtaining (or exceeding) those goals.

Once the interview is complete, we move onto your website and begin our evaluation which includes such areas as page loads, navigation, ease-of-use, branding, consistency, readability, colors, banners, contacts, buying, etc.

We look for typo's, secure certificate's, check e-mails, links, read your content and more.  We look at your meta-tags and check your availability in a few top search engines and directories, plus much, much more.  And the very best part! 

We advise you in each area we evaluate so that you know your options (if any) on necessary steps to improve that particular area.

What could be better than professional website marketing advice targeted for your audience based upon your business and goals? 

This is a fair report card of what you're doing right and what you can do to improve.  We begin all of our personal consultations with our Website Analysis.  It gets us educated and up to speed quickly on your business and your website, as well as informs us on what can be done to improve on what you already have.  It also helps me qualify serious business from those who want something for nothing.  Here's what one client had to say;

"I was convinced I wanted Scott to go to work for me. Then he asked me for $**** for a Website Analysis? (I was a bit reluctant). However, after receiving my reporting and taking his advice, my sales have more than tripled and my 'Ranking' continues to improve on many search engines, consistently increasing my prospects!  We also added 3 new Partners in the past 30 days!  This was the best money I've put into my business this year!"

                                                                 Terry Benton (Air-Reps)

Many companies have drastically increased their sales, qualified traffic, inquiries, partnerships, promotions, product announcements, and success (permanently) due to using some techniques that were outlined in their Website Analysis.  Your business can benefit from that same analysis, right now.  And save money too!  I personally have seen only one Website Analysis that offers the depth and accuracy of our service, and it costs $6,000 to perform.  No, we have not charged this amount - ever.

Here's my big sales pitch - If you wish to drastically increase your ROI - improve your market share, your image, your success,  your web sales and your targeted traffic, this analysis and reporting is critical to your business moving forward and becoming more successful in exceeding your Internet goals.  Take your online business to the next level.

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Order Your Professional Website Analysis Today!

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